Thursday, September 25, 2008

Updated Google Analytics Export to Google Docs

Google Analytics has updated the layout for the graphs and export links in their reports...breaking the script. Now it is updated to v2.6 and works smoothly.

New links:
Greasemonkey Script Page
Download GM script directly


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yahoo Mail in iGoogle

iGoogle is my homepage and although I have a Gmail account, I still prefer the Yahoo! Mail experience.

Here is a link to the Google Gadget using the mobile interface of Y! Mail

However, the mobile interface has a lot of fluff and does not fit perfectly in the gadget frame. Therefore I created some gm scripts to make it more useful and provide a better fit.

Greasemonkey Scripts
Main Script:
Detail Page Script:

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Chrome 1st Impressions

I have been testing out Google's new webkit-based browser, Chrome, for about 1 day now and so far I am pretty impressed.  The performance is generally fantastic, although I did have some sluggishness switching between open tabs when some CPU intensive activity (loading a lot of JavaScript and playing Flash video) was going on in my current tab.  Otherwise, it seems to be very very fast and lightweight in the memory department.

I wanted to compare Chrome vs. Firefox 3, especially in the area of JavaScript execution.  My favorite js library is jQuery, so I decided to test how well each of the two browsers can rapidly process all of the appear/disappear effects.  Here are the video results: