Monday, September 27, 2010

Updated GA Evolution - Now with Weekly Data, Goals, Optional Metrics

Over the last few weeks, I have made some improvements to GA Evolution. The functional changes were pushed last Friday and this morning I added a quick YouTube Video to the login page to better help show users what the app is all about.

Here are the highlights of the changes:
  1. Improved performance and session handling (faster is better with less errors)
  2. I have included Goal Data which can be reported as either Goal Completions or Goal Conversion Rates
  3. The metrics columns are now optional so users can build the report that they really want
  4. Report data can now be broken out by week besides by month
As always, enjoy and please pass along feedback on the app. 

Link to original GA Evolution post

Link to GAEvolution web app 

Monday, September 13, 2010

Google Instant Makes Insights + Suggest Extension even more Valuable

Now that Google has turned on Google Instant (I am not a fan yet, but I could perhaps get used to it), the importance of Google Suggest has increased greatly because now they do not only give you a suggest search, but now give users suggested results.

In making this change, it is even more important that SEOs and other interested users understand and analyze the most popular searches that will be forced on suggested to users of Google Search.

The Google Suggest 4 Google Insights for Search Extension makes it easy to quickly compare and view the popularity (as well as rising/popular related searches, and regional interest) of the searches that Google is most likely to execute in the process of writing a normal query.

See the original post to learn more and download the extension (for Chrome and Firefox)