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Proceed to GA Evolution - Fast & free app for exporting Analytics data
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Proceed to GA Evolution - Fast & free app for exporting Analytics data


  1. I cant get this to work full stop in FF(latest version) or IE8.

    Please could you tell me why this dont work and what to do to fix it?

    Also would you mind giving me your email so I can email you for support as a blog isnt the best for of support for my questions really.

    Kind Regards,
    Nathaniel Bailey

    P.S. I have a business analytics account meaning I have more then one client in my account could this be why its not working?

  2. No problem. I am not sure what you mean about being a business Account for GA. I have multiple profiles and multiple accounts for my same user and I have no problem using the tool.

    There appears to be a possible bug in the AppEngine system that I have notified them of to investigate. It seems to be triggered due to certain timeouts between App Engine and the GA API. So if you have lots of accounts and profiles (for example 60 profiles across 5 accounts with lots of custom segments), then this might be triggering the error.

    I can be reached for further support at gaevolution DOT appspot AT gmail DOT com

  3. Hi there,
    Great tool for comparing a variety of accounts, however I'd like to pull through some eCommerce data such as average order value, revenue, etc. and can't seem to see how to do so.
    Is this possible?
    I'm really keen to create benchmarks across multiple clients and see who is over/under performing.

  4. Very slick, thank you!

    How do I export the reports as CSV or PDF though?

    Thank you,

  5. I do not have an export setup yet, sorry. The easiest thing is to just select the tables that you want to copy and then just paste the data into Excel. From there, you can export as CSV or PDF it any way you would like.

    Once I can get some free time to implement CSV, I will be adding it... or at least some type of text export. I may use TSV instead because I do not want the number formating to conflict with the commas of a CSV.

    Please rate my app on the Google Analytics App page.


  6. thank you for the great tool. I do not know how to get there views of data such as average time on site?
    Could you explain this?
    best regards

  7. The app today does not have time metrics, but I will add it to the list of improvements. However, it probably is going to take a while before that value appears in the app. Please be patient. Thanks!

    I am glad you are happy with the web app. You can always give a positive rating on the GA app page here: