Friday, June 12, 2009

Dropbox has been banned from my work

Update: The problem is now resolved. Dropbox was able to get their domain off of the "malicios sites" list and now they are OK once again. Now if only they had an app for Symbian s60v5...

I love the dropbox service. I have been using it since it was in private beta. I even wrote a google gadget for dropbox to have immediate access to the service whereever I login.

Starting this morning, when I tried to access a file in my public dropbox folder, Firefox told me that this was a restricted site which was known for malicious attacks.

Since then, they seemed to have changed the subdomain from to

However, it is too late for me because the entire domain is now banned by my work proxy server. It does not matter that they changed the subdomain. The entire domain is now unavailable and unlikely to get unblocked any time soon, if ever.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Microsoft & Yahoo! Search Partnership already happening?

I do not know if this is anything new, but today I was telling a friend about bing and that he should try it out because it is starting to drive traffic to our sites.

To our surprise, he tried some searches and we started seeing our own ads appearing in the results. Looking at the ads and links of the ads, we saw that they were from our Yahoo! CPC accounts.

Here is a screenshot today. It is not our ad in this case, but look at the URL in the status bar. It is pointing to Overture (Yahoo!).

Bing using Overture for Ads?

Am I missing something, or has the Yahoo! / Microsoft partnership already started (perhaps in silent beta mode).

I am going to try Bing as my default search provider for a little while to see how well (or not) it works.