Google Analytics Evolution Data Usage Policy

This application uses Google's support for the OAuth method for authorizing application access.  There exists a relationship between the user's userID from Google and the Authorization Token.  To speed up access and to allow multiple API requests at the same time, the application stores the current userid and authorization token in the Google App Engine datastore.  No one can use the AuthSub token to login to a user's Google Account. The token only serves to retrieve data via the Google APIs.  A user can eliminate their stored userid and authorization token at any time by clicking on the link that says "revoke access" in the header. The OAuth authorization process follows Google's recommended procedure for registration of application domains and using secure requests signed by certificates.

No Google Analytics profile data or report data is stored, ever.  Additionally, no Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is ever stored in Google Analytics. 

This is a read-only application for GA data reporting.  At no time does this application attempt to change or write to your Google Analytics data.

If you have more questions, please see the FAQ
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