Friday, September 30, 2011

Google Analytics Premium - Finally what I have been looking for

I am very excited about GA Premium announced yesterday.  I am hopeful that the pricing is reasonable because it seems like a great leap forward for businesses who find GA today a bit too limited in speed, functionality, and especially "fast-access-mode friendly".

Also I am very curious as to when it will be available outside of the US, Canada & UK.  Perhaps we could just signup via the UK and then use it for all of our other sites...?

Great intro commercial for the new service.  The only thing is that it seems perhaps a bit too inspired from a 2009 video from Grasshopper communications.  There sure seems a be a recent wave of videos/motion graphics pieces that all come from a common ancestor.  Mannatecheurope soon after Grasshopper seemed to have done a complete ripoff of Grasshopper the same year it came out. I wonder who was the first to do this type of piece. I think the first video that I can remember with some of this same style-DNA or at least something that could be an ancestor were the end credits from An Inconvenient Truth.

Look at the similarities between these 3 videos and you'll see what I mean.  You even get a nice audio effect if you start the first two videos at the same time (or start video 2, let it run 10 seconds and then start video 1). They complement each other quite well.

If you know of any other similar videos with the same DNA, include them in the comments.