Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Version of Analytics Export to Google Spreadsheet Script

Newly updated script (v0.3.6) for exporting from Google Analytics to Google Docs / Spreadsheets.

Some of the improvements:
  • Exports now properly handle applied filters, changes to dates, segments and any other AJAX-style update made to the report (previously only went off of the query in the URL)
  • Enables user to name the report
  • Cleaner UI that blocks the screen during loading
New links:
Download GM script directly
Greasemonkey Script Page

Thanks to sallymander for the input!

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  1. Michael, I am unable to get this new version to work at all in FF3 on mac. Any tips? I'd give you my email, but I don't like leaving it in comments.

  2. That is weird, because it works fine on the few PCs with FF3 that I have tried it on so far.

    Try reinstalling it (typical IT answer).

    Also, can you describe what part does not work....
    1) Do you see the export link in either the profile bar or the export section?
    2) Do you get any error messages in firebug or from the screen itself?

    You can email me at
    spanishgringo [dot] blog [At] Gmail [dot] com.

  3. So, turns out the script works beautifully. Just remember to access Analytics directly instead of jumping to it through AdWords. (Thanks, Google for making the headers different :P)

    Michael, thanks helping me figure out what was going on.