Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Modern motivation philosophy: more companies need to understand this

Today, not enough companies (or more broadly organizations) understand yet the need to adapt the way that they approach talent and intellectual resources.  Although so much of our work has moved from the factory to the office, so many firms still maintain an outlook on management and labor relations that reflects the characteristics and aspects of an industrial age, low to semi skilled economy.

Perhaps it was the way I was brought up, the friends that I have been fortunate to have during my life as well as the mentors that have helped me, I have always known inside that the traditional mindset to managing organizations does not fit with the informational economy we live in today and have been moving towards since the explosion in IT and personal computing.

Two years ago, I read Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, and it struck a nerve because it was one of the first times that I came across something very digestible that focused on the importance of meaningful work.  I recommend the book (as well as his other writings) quite often because it is so relevant to everyone, from parents to leaders.  We all want some sort of success, however you want to define it, for someone.  Understanding the points he makes in that book can give people a clearer sense on how to achieve success (again, however it is defined).

Now I had the fortunate chance to come across this talk about motivating teams.  This encapsulates in a short and entertaining way, so much of what I believe is necessary for successful organizations today and tomorrow.

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