Tuesday, January 24, 2012

High Contrast Google Analytics is Easier to Read

I am not a big fan of the design direction Google has been taking lately.... great products (mostly) but supposedly for the sake of consistency they are ugilifing, and more importantly, making less usable various applications of theirs.

The primary manifestations of their misguided UI direction can be seen in:
  • Terrible contrast (especially the use of small or thin gray fonts on off-white or light gray backgrounds) 
  • Lots of empty / wasted space (vertical space is at a premium on laptops and tablets, yet they are opting for more scrolling and pushing everything down the screen for no better reason than to make the search bar stand out more)
 Google Analytics v5 will soon be the standard interface for all GA users.  A lot of the functionality is very welcomed (new user flows, better custom reporting), some is a waste of time / fad (real time reporting is the antithesis of web analytics for most purposes), and some is a step backwards (readability, more use of sampling, "fast access mode").

I have made a new userscript that addresses the problems with contrast I have found in GAv5.  Please give it a try.

Download the Better Contrast Google Analytics Script directly from userscripts.org

Better Contrast GA Script Homepage

Here is an example comparison showing GA without the script and after applying the script
I was blind but now I can see...

Download the Better Contrast Google Analytics Script directly from userscripts.org

Important Note: Google is updating its UI and CSS fairly regularly (seems about every 1 to 2 weeks they upload a change) and there is the chance that the class names or CSS may change.  I will try to keep the replacement CSS loaded by the userscript fairly up to date, but there may be times when it is out of sync.  If you find something that breaks the  CSS at some point, please post a comment to let me know.  Thanks!

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