Friday, January 11, 2013

You can get the Gringo out of Spain, but...

I have been totally radio silent on this blog for a long time.  A lot has happened since I last wrote about the Barça game:
  • We've left Spain and moved to the happiest place in America.  Even Oprah agrees.
  • I've started working for ShoreTel Sky, a cloud based business VoIP service in their Marketing department.  First time working from home.  Required some adjustment, but so far going well.
  • Getting the boys settled and adapted to new schools, new house, and new language (well, at least new for them to speak outside of the house)
  • Surfing much more....the Pacific as a few more waves than the Mediterranean sea.
  • No more weekly basketball games. Switched over to futbol (soccer) instead.
  • Trying to pickup my tennis game when I can.
Overall, it has been a very good transition. We miss our family and friends back in España but we´re now with other family here and starting to make some new friends (as well as see some great old ones too).

Now that I have rediscovered the blog, I hope to get back to writing some more.  

Need to find some time to keep improving GA Evolution. I have received some great feedback on good features.  In progress, but no ETA on the next rev. Hope in the next few weeks to get the top items completed.

2013 is looking great so far and excited to see where it leads.

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