Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My MozCon Summary: Aim High & Don't Let a Lack of Resources Stop You From Trying

I just wrapped up a great few days in Seattle attending my first MozCon.  I've been to numerous search marketing conferences in the past but this was my favorite so far (although I do miss the annual pints in London with my friends from Mecalux / Logismarket).

This is not a laundry list post of notes from the conference.  Other people have done a great job already capturing many of the MozCon details and highlights. This post will focus on the most important takeaways for me.

Of all the different things that people talked about, I'd say that there were three main themes of the conference that consistently emerged and are most relevant as takeaways. The good thing is that these themes are universal and can really be applied to anything whether you want to be a better marketer, get in shape, or even run for office.
  1. Always Aim High To Do Your Best
  2. A Lack of Resources is Not an Excuse
  3. Get Doin' Something Already
Walking out of the conference, after having met good people, listened to great talks and feeling inspired from the last three days, I happened upon someone that summed up the conference perfectly to me.

All of these core themes were embodied right there in the street.

This guy was having fun, playing the shit out of some makeshift drumset and making real music (#RMS?). He was good. Damn good and he didn't need anything fancy to make a great beat and put on a fun show. He just took what he could and started playing.

Some people, like me, stayed and watched while others passed by, but you could tell that pretty much everyone who heard him, liked what he was doing. When he finished his song, I among others all contributed to his thank you bucket. He had made my day better and he did it with a joy that gave me the feeling that he'd do it even if he didn't get paid.

After I stopped to talk to him for a second to see how he was making that snare drum rattle like a snare should. Peeping into the open faced bucket I saw some coins, bent soda cans, little bells and a metal plate.  He said all you need is anything that will clank or rattle.

He didn´t just one day play the drums and sound like that. But, he took what he could find, decided he was going to start playing and worked really hard so he could reach a level where strangers get stopped cold to admire the beauty of the sound.

We face roadblocks, get stuck, and settle for less way too often. We can learn a lot from his approach.

See you at #mozcon 2014

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  1. Very well said..... I believe sometimes you have to jump first and learn how to land on the way down.