Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Better Inbound Marketing Analytics - My Presentation at INBOUND 2013

It was pretty remarkable
I had a lot of fun presenting at inbound 2013. I think it went over well and the crowd enjoyed it. My hope is that my talk could resonate with people who currently don't spend enough time doing analysis.  I suspect that the audience was already biased to probably like it because folks who care about Analytics already are more likely to attend the session.

We all win, when we start looking at the data and thinking creatively about it instead of just "reporting" how great our department is, etc...

BTW, if you don't know any RegEx, please read my post on why every Marketer should know RegEx. It may seem scary at first, but with just 15 minutes of practice you can start doing very cool stuff with it.

Let's Get Cookin' with Advanced Marketing Analytics - #INBOUND 2013 from Michael Freeman

I'm keeping my fingers crossed to be asked back for Inbound 2014. If' you'd like that, let the HubSpotters know. I had hoped that the session would have been recorded. Maybe next year it could be.

The slides from the other presentations at Inbound 2013 can be found on their site here. So much knowledge to learn. Take your time and let it sink in. I know that I had to miss a lot of sessions because of schedule conflicts. I hope that I can get 80% of the value from reviewing the decks of the sessions I missed.

If you want to use the GA Campaign Tracking code, we've made it available for public use from github:

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