Monday, September 28, 2009

Gmail Dropbox Gadget Script Available

Updated with instructions to install gadget

Step 1: Go to GMail Labs and enable Add Gadget by URL feature

Step 2: Go to the Gadgets Settings Tab in Gmail Settings and Add the Gadget

Step 3: Add the Greasemonkey script for Dropbox mobile:

After receiving a request from a user for creating a dropbox gadget for Gmail, I went ahead and made a User Script that modifies the Dropbox Gadget UI for use in Gmail. I could not rework the UI remotely, so the script was the only practical choice.

I have tested it and it works both in Firefox and Google Chrome.



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  2. the widget on the google site doesn't work. it references '' and the site is now ''. a bunch of users commented that they are excited to use it but it doesn't work! can you update the script so it reflects the new URL (that's what one commenter suggested, not positive that's the issue).

  3. it doesn't seem to work on my iGoogle homepage. It says "Information is temporarily unavailable"

  4. The script is not formating the gadget in Gmail.
    I'm using Chrome 4.
    Do I need to do something besides than install the script?

  5. Seems like there is a problem with the old domain for Dropbox which was I have updated the gadget and scripts to use the new domain (

    There is still a problem with the script not working with the css. I will take a look at it and see if I can redo it using jQuery instead.

  6. I have now installed Greasemonkey and the script on Firefox on my Win7 PC. But how do I get the gadget to work? Have restarted Firefox, but the gadget doesnt appear. (and you gadget looks great!)

  7. I have now updated the post with installation instructions for the gadget in Gmail and I have also updated the greasemonkey script.