Friday, May 6, 2011

Updated App engine project GA Evolution

Despite the lack of posts.... this blog has not been forgotten.  Just wicked busy at work and home for the last few months.

I have updated with a few improvements:

  • Fixed bug in Weekly reporting that caused weird placment of data when the weeks in included the middle-end of Februrary (parseInt bug in most browsers was to blame)
  • Updated jQuery to 1.6, Flot to 0.7 and fancyBox to 1.3.4 - it really flies now
  • Using the latest SDK for appengine
Next up I will need to change how the app handles sampling.  The CI value has been marked for death deprecated by Google, so I'll switch to another parameter they have that indicates if sampling was triggered in the report or not.

Any requests out there? Please let me know through the feedback form or as a comment here on the blog.

Soon, I hope to write a post too about how I won my Nokia E7 in February while in London.

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